Twenty One Twenty First Century Women. 21 paintings of 21 influential contemporary women by Alice Instone.

– Foreword by Annie Lennox


“FEMINISM”…. How does the word sit with you?  Does it make your toes curl?  Do you visualise loose breasted hussies hurling flour bombs at the establishment?  Where HAVE all the feminists gone?

Whatever DID happen to the women of Greenham Common?  Have they all simply “gone shopping”?  Have they formed a secret coven and slipped underground, or have they simply disguised themselves within the ranks of the male establishment?

The ancient bastions of patriarchy do seem to have been somewhat usurped by the female sex over the last thirty years.  Those laptop carrying women in tailored power suits seem to be everywhere.

So what was all the fuss about, now that even Germaine Greer seems to be “almost” touchy feely?

Personally, I have no issue with the label whatsoever.  Some of my best friends are feminists… and they’re men!

So let’s get back on board with the eight lettered F word.  Bring it on!  Let’s reframe, reboot and revitalise it.  More than anything… let’s take it further.  Let it reach the places where women have no rights, no power, no votes, no respect or value.  The evolution’s here.


"Alice is evolving... towards the sublime, ecstatic and transcendent!” 

– Annie Lennox