A new exhibition and book Hollywoodland (the original letters of the iconic Hollywood sign) is the result of Instone’s art- residency at legendary hotel Chateau Marmont.


Here she translates her vision of Hollywood into lush, intense paint, the technicolour tropical beauty counterbalancing the woeful narratives contained in the layered images typical of her work. Hollywood icons are interspersed with psychological landscapes and ghosts of familiar images come forward and recede beneath fresh images in a series of ‘double exposure’ paintings, replicating the extreme contrasts of the place - public but intimate, gorgeous but dark, complex but superficial, recognisable but alien, well known, deceptive, mysterious - a place of transformation.





Screen sirens of old Hollywood including Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Gina Lollobrigida and Ava Gardener appear in paintings entitled ‘It’s Not The Having It’s the Getting’, ‘Don’t Ask Me What I Think Until I Hear What I Say’ and ‘Hollywood Kiss’.

The Hollywoodland book includes a series of interviews and stories from leading Hollywood figures that Instone has talked to during the project and who contributed to how she made the work and the atmosphere that imbues it. Their insights throwing into relief her own observations.

Watch this space for which modern day icons are featuring.