Instone is honest about the struggle in creating anything, the "low points, the feeling it is all too much with two children and that maybe I haven't anything left to say…" But Henry James helps – she quotes his words as a motto: "We work in the dark; we do what we can.”

– The Guardian


The mobile Certainly It Was Different Then, is made from the artist’s personal collection of early daguerreotypes of Victorian women. The hand tinted photographs have been brought together from all over the world and range from toddlers and babies to toothless old ladies, matriarchs to little girls in their sunday best, wives and young mothers to spinsters and widows, handsome and even beautiful women to homely or plain figures. 

In some cases these fragile pieces of glass may be the last remaining fragment of the sitters’ lives, their subjects now completely forgotten.  The delicacy and hand made nature of the mobile accentuates the frailty of the piece and the transience of the lives represented.